Steve Dettelbach


Democrat AG Candidate Jumps in Bed with Ohio’s Far Left

By Scott Pullins for 3rd Rail Politics


Here at 3rd Rail Politics, we have to confess that we have never even heard of Steve Dettelbach.  That is though, until he sent us an email asking for our opinion on online charter schools.  So that got our attention.


We’ll dispense with the substance of the email.  It was the usual red tofu that gets hurled out to the tree hugging brethren.  But the address on the bottom certainly caught our eye.


35 East Gay Street, Suite 403, Columbus, Ohio 43215.  Hmmm. Sounds familiar.  So we googled it.  And were astounded.


Apparently the fourth floor of 35 East Gay Street is now ground central for Ohio’s organized left.  In Suite 403 you have this AG campaign, Battleground Research, Inc. Innovation Ohio, the Ohio Progressive Collaborative, PACOH.IO, the Women’s Public Policy Network, and former Ted Strickland lawyer Jeffrey Ruppert.  The Ruppert Co. LLC also performs legal services for the House Democratic Caucus Fund. In fact, their website lists a virtual plethora of left wing causes and candidates including the incomparable Ed Fitzgerald.


Right next door is Suite 404.  There you will find Common Cause Ohio, Fair Districts Ohio, the Ohio Fair Courts Working Group, Progress Ohio, and the Universal Health Care Action Network.  


Most of these groups are progressive front groups, funded by big, government employee unions like the Ohio Education Association and the Ohio Federation of Teachers.  They’ve provided some employment for out of work left wing activists between Presidential campaigns. Which makes Steve Dettelbach’s use of that address somewhat puzzling.


So far, he has attempted to run as a middle of the road, tough on crime, career prosecutor.  But the Republican Attorney General’s Association (RAGA) was quick to jump on his record.  Dubbing him “Do-Nothing Dettelbach”, the RAGA accused him of being soft on white collar criminals in a scathing release.  The Ohio Republican Party accused him of having far left views because of his service on the platform committee of the Democratic National Convention. Having your campaign office smack dab in the middle of a plethora of far left, Trump bashing, progressive groups probably won’t help his reputation that much either.