A Timeline of Fordham’s Blitzkrieg of Ohio Education Policy

By Scott Pullins


November 2010 – Paolo DeMaria joins Education First Consulting as a contractor for Fordham.


March 2011 – Paolo DeMaria appears at Cleveland area events for Fordham Institute.


August 2011 – Peggy Lehner speaks at Fordham event, hides sisters employment.


September 2011 – Peggy Lehner’s sister speaks at Ohio Fordham event.


January 2013 – Peggy Lehner named as Senate Education Chairman.


May 2013 – Peggy Lehner begins campaign in support of common core.


August 2014 – Peggy Lehner calls efforts to repeal common core a circus.


September 2014 – Paolo DeMaria appears at common core event on behalf of Fordham.


April 2015 – Peggy Lehner introduces charter school legislation written by Fordham.


June 2015 – Paolo DeMaria writes 33 page report for Fordham Institute.


June 2015 – Paolo DeMaria speaks at Athletic Club of Columbus on behalf of Fordham Institute.


September 2015 – Paolo DeMaria speaks at OSU for Fordham Institute on CREDO study.


February 2016 – Fordham Institute annual report issues gushing praise for Peggy Lehner.


May 2016 – Fordham sponsored charter school group gives award to Peggy Lehner.


May 2016 – Paolo DeMaria named new state superintendent of schools.  


August 2016 – Paolo DeMaria speaks at Fordham Institute hosted ESSA meeting.


September 2016 – Fordham Institute appears in panel discussion with Peggy Lehner.


October 2016 – ODE issues rating of sponsors.  Fordham one of only 5 found effective.


December 2016 – Fordham sponsored charter group leader appointed to oversee charter schools.


January 2017 – 3rd Rail Politics breaks story of DeMaria’s close involvement with Fordham.