John Kasich: Founder of the Independent Weasel Party!


By Scott Pullins


On May 15, 2018, shortly after ending a rare statehouse news conference, Governor John Kasich stormed back in having one of his trademark tizziesto label GOP state legislators as weasels for refusing to rubber-stamp his latest gun control legislation.   But per usual, the increasingly out of touch two-time presidential loser, is simply projecting his own façade onto his opponents.


Most GOP state legislators are strong supporters of the second amendment and ran on platforms diametrically opposed to the Kasich gun control measures.  They aren’t being sneaky or conniving, they are merely keeping their campaign promises; a concept that is now utterly foreign to Kasich.


On most days it is rather difficult to determine whether lame duck Ohio Governor John Kasich is running for President again or auditioning for a cushy analyst gig on CNN or MSNBC.  He recently ranted that most of the Republican Party is “in a stupor” and that the party left him, not that he left the party. But to most political observers his statements have a ring of absurdity to them.


Back in February 3rd Rail Politics illustrated the lackluster nature of the fundraising for the Kasich political machine.  Not surprisingly, nothing significant has occurred since then to interrupt that decline.  


Kasich for America, which was the presidential campaign committee converted to a federal political action committee, took in a lackluster $52,391.83, spent $59,356.65, and left a cash on hand balance of $215,675.50.  Meanwhile, Trump Pence and its two victory committees raised a combined $17.7 million for the quarter.  The Trump Pence 2020 campaign committee has a whopping $33 million cash on hand. The combined committees boast a balance of $53 million.  


New Day for America, which is the Kasich Super PAC, took in a measly $60,065.00, spent $164,553.47, leaving a cash on hand balance of $177,217.67.  Two Paths America, a rebranded 501(c)4 organization, appears on the surface to have gone dormant. Their website is un-changed and their Twitter account hasn’t posted since March of 2017.  However, their fundraising hasn’t been dormant. Their 2017 tax return that was filed this year shows them raising a total of $771,011 in undisclosed, dark money.  That was up significantly from prior years.  


Meanwhile, the Trump Super PAC America First Action and its nonprofit affiliate America First Policies, raised a whopping $15 million.  These combined groups have raised $47 million since their formation in 2017.


Kasich’s views on President Trump and most national issues are diametrically opposed to those of most Republicans, including Ohio Republicans.  In fact, polling has consistently shown that Kasich is more popular now with Ohio Democrats, who want him to run again for President, than with Ohio Republicans, who don’t.


So, what does a true political weasel like John Kasich do now as his term in office draws to a close?  In reality, Kasich only has two paths for running for the Presidency again, the Democrat path or the Independent one.  Most likely the Independent path is Kasich’s only foreseeable path forward. But to do so would be massively expensive.  


Even his own advisors estimate that it would cost $100 million or more to even place his name on the ballot.  And how would Kasich find this money?


In this case, Kasich only has one extremely narrow path forward.  Hence, all the recent meetings with billionaires.


If one of these billionaires would join him on an independent ticket as running mate, Kasich would be free to use their personal funds on the campaign to fund the primary and general election efforts.  And perhaps that’s why he really has weaseled his way towards the left.


He can only hope that Trump’s tough talk will have scared national business leaders while the Democrats nominate Sanders, Warren, or someone even further left.  Kasich then runs, with his billionaire friend, as the centrist candidates.


Being civic minded here at 3rd Rail Politics, we thought we would give John Kasich a helping hand in his efforts to start a new third party.  Ross Perot started the Reform Party, but that just doesn’t seem right for John Kasich.


How about this Governor?  The Weasel Party. You will fit right in.