Explosive Rumor Rumor:  Lobbyist Wired For Rosenberger FBI Investigation


In a bombshell tip, sources have told 3rd Rail that the FBI is in possession of tape recorded conversations between Speaker Rosenberger and Capitol Square lobbyists involving the mixing of public policy and either campaign contributions or personal overseas trips.  


This allegedly came to light when Rosenberger went back on his word as part of an under the table deal. Once it was discovered that Rosenberger was breaking his word, allegedly the lobbyist went to the FBI.  The lobbyist, we are told, was either wired or participated in a wiretapped conversation between themselves and Rosenberger related to trading legislative priorities.  


3rd Rail hears that the potential illegal activities include either a trip abroad (including entertainment) or political campaign donations to OHROC or the Smithberger PAC.  


3rd Rail is also told that OHROC itself has had records subpoenaed related to this issue and others.  The probe apparently is looking into whether the campaign committee was used as a personal slush fund with no valid political purpose in violation of state and federal law.


If true, these rumors would explain why the Dayton Daily News first reported the Speaker has hired a high priced white crime lawyer to represent him. 



3rd Rail is actively working this story as the rumors fly around Capitol Square.  If you have any information related to this or any other issue please contact us via Share A Tip.  Your information will remain anonymous.