Rumor Rumor

3rd Rail continues to learn more about Dave “Quick Draw McGraw” Yost’s complicated relationship with the emerging medical marijuana industry in Ohio.  As has been reported, Yost dogged the Ohio Department of Commerce for months to hit the brakes on their screwy licensure process.  When the agency’s director Jackie Williams essentially told him to “put up or shut up,” and offered to pause the entire program pending his review, Yost tucked tail and said “probably too late.”

Now 3rd Rail hears that vocal license-loser Jimmy Gould’s sister Barbara is hosting a ritzy fundraiser for Mr. Yost down in Cincinnati.  Recall Jimmy is a lead plaintiff in the Franklin County lawsuit to throw out the entire process and start over.  As Yost is running for Attorney General, and would represent the State of Ohio on litigation such as Gould’s, the event is raising eyebrows among marijuana licenseholders.

Of course, with Yost advisor Matt Borges also representing many of those licensees, it appears Yost is playing both sides of fence.