The Kasich Delusion Part II

Support Among Likely Ohio GOP Voters Plummets


By Scott Pullins


In part one of our series on the Kasich delusion, 3rd Rail Politics explained that as far as fundraising goes, Ohio Governor John Kasich is all hat and no cattle.  We showed you that while President Donald Trump has raised over $32 million for his 2020 re-election campaign, John Kasich didn’t even raise as much money as many Democrat congressional challengers in unwinnable Republican seats.  


Today, we will show you how his support among likely Ohio Republican primary voters has crumbled.  In fact, we will show you that lame-duck Governor Kasich actually does better now among likely Democrat primary voters than he does likely Republicans, a remarkable political fall from grace.


According to data provided exclusively to 3rd Rail Politics from recent polling conducted by Gravis Marketing, John Kasich’s numbers among likely statewide GOP voters are simply atrocious, especially compared to likely statewide Democrat voters.  Here are the breakdowns by party:


Republican Democrat


Strongly Favorable 16% 18.3%

Somewhat Favorable 28.2% 32.5%

Total Favorable 44.2% 50.8%

Strongly Unfavorable 25.9% 21.1%

Somewhat Unfavorable 23.2% 20.2%

Total Unfavorable 49.1% 41.3%


Overall Totals -4.9% +9.5%

To sum up then, John Kasich’s fundraising has all but evaporated.  Additionally, on a statewide basis among likely Republican voters, he is at nearly -5% on favorable versus unfavorable ratings.  Among Democrat likely voters, he is at nearly +10% on favorable versus unfavorable ratings.  


No wonder John Kasich isn’t running for the U.S. Senate or any other public office in 2018; he couldn’t win a contested GOP primary in Ohio.  In fact, he would be better off running as a Democrat at this point than as a Republican.  Perhaps that’s why Ohio Governor John Kasich and failed former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are joining together to try and move the California Republican Party to the left.